Oakwood CEO shares thoughts about Ramadan

We are in the midst of Ramadan, when Muslims are called to worship and fasting as a demonstration of their faith, their devotion to Allah, and their empathy for all, particularly those in need. This time of spiritual reflection – with its focus on charity and serving others – can resonate with any of us who work in health care.

Oakwood President & CEO Brian Connolly

Oakwood President & CEO Brian Connolly

Diversity is one of our core values, and we live that value by providing sensitive, personalized care to people of all faiths. Oakwood supports members of the Muslim community year-round, particularly at Oakwood Hospital – Dearborn where patients and visitors can enjoy: 

  • Halal meals
  • Friday prayers in the Sanctuary, which are also available to patients via the televisions in their hospital rooms
  • A patient TV channel devoted to a reading of the Qur’an with English translations
  • Spiritual care and support provided by Oakwood’s Spiritual Support team

I am grateful to work in an organization that embraces the benefits that diversity provides. Oakwood’s strength depends on the varied skills and life experiences of our team. Also, our continued success depends on recognizing and appreciating the irreplaceable value of every person who comes through our doors for care.

I wish our Muslim physicians, employees and volunteers Ramadan Mubarak and thank everyone at Oakwood for serving our patients with compassion and respect every day.

 Brian M. Connolly

President & CEO


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