Know your stuff when it comes to emergencies

Let’s say it’s 9 p.m. on a Friday. You’re hosting a party.

One of the guests who arrived an hour ago drops her drink. Says she can’t keep a grip on it and you notice she’s slurring her words as she tells you this.

You start to think. Did she drink too much or is she having a stroke?

A party is no time to debate which answer is correct.

That’s why Oakwood has developed an emergency services page on its website ( – so you can read up on things like this beforehand and be prepared. After all, you are the host.

Had you checked the page before the party, you would have come across a radio interview with Dr. John Bauer about how to recognize a stroke and what to do if you suspect someone is having one. In this case, getting your guest to an emergency room by ambulance is your top priority. Two of the four symptoms of a stroke are weakness in the arms and slurred speech.

What else is on the emergency page?

You’ll find Fast Facts from a Physician for adult emergencies plus an equally authoritative set of instructions for how to help your kids. These are videos. Nothing to read – just click and watch. Each video is about 90 seconds long featuring to-the-point information from an Oakwood doctor.

For example, for adults, Dr. Nabil Khoury discusses:

  • The answer to that nagging question – when to go to an emergency room and when an urgent care will do.
  • What to bring with you to the ER.
  • A word about triage in the ER (“why did that guy come in after me and get seen before me?”)

For children, Dr. Joyce Blazejewski goes over:

  • Emergency medicine for kids
  • Summer safety for kids
  • Keeping kids safe on wheels
  • Kids and concussions – what you need to know

And that’s not all

The emergency services page has a list of Oakwood emergency rooms and urgent care centers plus a map for each one. The page truly is one-stop shopping.

Oakwood’s new and improved emergency rooms are right in your neighborhood. We aren’t going to say, “Hope to see you soon!” but we do hope you’ll remember us in your time of need.


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