Oakwood Physicians: Men trim waistline for looks and wellness this summer

In the summertime, many men focus on looking their physical best in hopes of fitting into the latest styles. Short sleeves, tank tops and shorts typically require a trim mid-section and watching your waistline can be especially challenging when summer also doubles as “grilling season.” Weekly invites to barbecues that offer endless amounts of grilled meat and savory sides can make it difficult to stick maintain a healthy weight.

While many men focus on their waistlines for looks, Oakwood physicians strongly urge men to focus year round on trimming their core, particularly belly fat, to achieve maximum health and wellness through many of its free community offerings and classes.

Oakwood Dr. Clark Creger

Oakwood Dr. Clark Creger

According to Dr. Clark Creger, an Oakwood Family Practice physician, excess belly fat typically consists of visceral fat, that contains compounds that trigger inflammation which play a strong role in heart disease, metabolic syndrome and Type 2 diabetes. He warns that you don’t have to be extremely overweight to have too much visceral fat because it can lie deep in your pelvic cavity. He added that a waistline greater than 40 inches combined with elevated lipid levels are cues for men to take action.

Creger advises men with larger waistlines to reduce their risk by making lifestyle changes such as:

  • Losing weight
  • Exercising multiple times weekly
  • Eating right: choosing the right type of carbs, cutting saturated fats and alcohol consumption
  • Learning more by attending various Oakwood Fitness and Nutrition offerings, most of which are free

“Oakwood offers a variety of classes and events to teach men how to best address trimming their waistlines and achieve maximum wellness through nutrition and physical activity,” said Creger. You can hear more from Dr. Creger about a variety of men’s health issues and steps men can take to stay in good health here.

For men looking to learn more about healthy eating, Oakwood is currently offering its inaugural free Cooking Matters workshops until the end of October. These interactive sessions presented by trained culinary and nutrition instructors offer free groceries, cookbooks, hands-on presentations, cooking tips and more in efforts to help families improve their wellness through better cooking and meal planning.

Oakwood also cosponsors the Wayne and Dearborn Farmers Market series (Wayne every Wednesday from 3-7 p.m.; and Dearborn every Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) until October. Here you can find fresh food options in addition to a variety of free health screenings administered by Oakwood Health professionals.

Learn more about Oakwood community offerings here or by calling 800.543.WELL.


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